Intensive Outpatient is designed to provide intensive, highly structured, primary treatment of substance abuse and dependence. For many individuals, it is an alternative to residential treatment, allowing the client to remain in their community and continue ongoing maintenance of family, work, or school responsibilities.

  • Nine or more contact hours per week
  • Individual, group, and educational programming
  • Introduced to community support systems (such as Alcoholics Anonymous)
  • Usually three consecutive evenings of group therapy
  • Individual therapy scheduled throughout the week

Extended Outpatient services addresses major developmental, lifestyle, attitudinal, and behavioral issues. Entry to extended outpatient may be part of a gradual step down from a more intensive treatment level. Individuals with appropriate levels of motivation, social supports, and other resources may be admitted at this level of care.

  • Does not exceed more than nine contact hours a week
  • Includes individual, group, and education programming.
  • Associated services such as psychiatric or medical service are addressed through consultation or referral arrangements

Continuing Care consists of therapeutic involvement designed to enhance, facilitate, and promote transition from primary care to ongoing recovery. Emphasis is on consolidation and stabilization of gains made on the initial problems hastening entry into primary treatment. This may include correspondence with other community service organizations such as 12 Step programs and external referral sources.

  • One-two hours of therapy per week
  • Finalizes implementation of discharge planning that begins at admission
  • Emphasis is placed on assisting individuals in establishing long-term goals with pathways for recovery.

Compass Pointe offers a culturally specific treatment group in the Storm Lake community. This group addresses issues specific to Hispanic individuals experiencing problems related to alcohol and drugs.

  • Addresses major developmental, lifestyle, attitudinal, and behavioral issues.
  • Promotes awareness and change through handouts and a personal journal.
  • Education provided through videos and guest speakers. V
  • Volunteers assist members of the group with spirituality, education about nutrition & budgeting matters.
  • Individuals are introduced to AA-Hispanic Groups, a community support system.

Treatment services do continue beyond the nine-week course. Group members participate in the Hispanic Aftercare Group one time per month. This group fosters ongoing healthy living.

For many people, gambling is an enjoyable social activity that is carried out with family or friends for a limited amount of time with predetermined limits that are acceptable. For others, gambling becomes uncontrollable. It can be destructive to friendships, families, and careers. Compulsive (pathological) gambling can become a life-threatening disorder.

Our comprehensive gambling treatment delivery system consists of individualized treatment including education and community awareness, family education and awareness, counseling, local crisis call response at 712.262.2952, and statewide crisis call response at 1-800-BETS-OFF. Outpatient counseling and group services are provided for individuals, family members, and concerned others. Also, referrals may be made to other services such as mental health and consumer credit counseling.

Iowa Department of Corrections and other community resources offer the Iowa Domestic Abuse Program (IDAP) throughout our 9 county service area to male/female offenders, who have struggles with verbal, physical or sexual misconduct.

The Iowa Domestic Abuse Program utilizes the ACTV (Achieving Change Through Value Based Behavior) curriculum.   Compass Pointe IDAP facilitators are trained certified ACTV facilitators.

The Aim of ACTV is to maximize human potential for a rich, full and meaningful life by

  • Teaching psychological skills to deal with painful thoughts and feelings effectively in such a way they have much less impact and influence over you.
  • Helping clarify what is truly important and meaningful-i.e. your values - then use that knowledge to guide, inspire and motivate you to change your life for the better.

ACTV uses a wide range of experimental excercises to undermine the power of destructive thinking, emotional and behavioral processes.